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3D Printed Gun Awards 2022

Welcome to the 3D Printed Gun Awards for 2022!  You nominated and we now have the results of the top 3-6 nominees.  I am including the excel spreadsheet of the original results, and the second tab where I tallied everything to be more organized.  This is to show I only selected the top results (no bias) and so you can see why I may have chosen 3 nominees versus 4 or 6.

You only get one chance to submit your choices to prevent spamming.  The poll will end on December 13th and the awards show will be held live, on The 3D Pew General YouTube channel, Thursday December 29th.

There WILL BE prizes!  I am currently working with potential sponsors to make sure you don’t leave empty handed.  Each winner will also receive a Luty Award.

Nominee Results: Click Here

Final Results: Click Here

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