How it was Done

In this video I show you how you can convert your logo into a 3D file ready to be printed, only using Photoshop.

This process involves turning a 2D image into a 3D object using Photoshop’s 3D tool. With proper preparation, you can print your logo in one go, ready to be placed on your desk.

You can also use this process to turn your logo into a 3D file to use elsewhere. This can be for video editing or to extrude your logo from a print in order to brand it.

Make sure to come for more tutorials, fun prints, and free giveaways. I currently have a 3D printed Mjolnir that I am giving away for free, so check that out.

I am also now formatting my completed detailed book on 3D printing that will be available for free digital download the first week it is released. It should be out in about a month’s time, so subscribe here for updates!