3D Printing Failures-2020 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair All 3D Printing Issues (PAPERBACK)


My NEW 2020 edition of my detailed book is finally here!  This paperback version includes photo diagnostics and in-depth chapters with photo examples.  If you purchase, you can also email me with any issues that you may experience and have difficulty diagnosing!  This edition now includes a detailed chapter on Material Science by Nicolas Tokotuu of Polymaker.

Whether you are new to 3D printing, or you have dozens of successful prints under your belt, this book is going to help you!

Sean Aranda and David Feeney have hundreds of thousands of successful 3d printing hours combined, so let them help you achieve consistent clean prints.

Sean Aranda began his 3D printing explorations by becoming the Operations Manager for SD3D in early 2015.  With over a dozen FDM machines and a few hundred clients, Sean was able to amass well over 75,000 hours of successful printing experience.

Sean was also able to receive extensive experience with material variations and profile settings required for a successful print, since SD3D offers over 16 different types of FDM 3D printing materials. While he had a very basic 3D printing background before starting at SD3D, Sean’s knowledge of printing failures grew rapidly as he helped all clients get a usable 3D print within the promised timeframe. Whenever a printer failed or had a malfunction, Sean was in charge of all maintenance and repairs.

Sean has also authored a much smaller graphic handbook for 3D printing called The A-Z 3D Printing Handbook, which has garnered well over 4,000 downloads. He now runs a YouTube channel called The 3D Print General where he offers 3D printing tutorials and goes over some fun prints. He also gives away a free 3D print every month – visit now at YouTube.com/The3DPrintGeneral
About the Editor: David is an experienced manufacturing engineer, project manager and entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding SD3D in 2013, David worked at Aptera Motors as a project manager for over a dozen electrical and mechanical engineers. David later worked as a manufacturing engineer for the Large Compressor Set and Mechanical Drive (LCSMD) division for Solar Turbines.  David holds a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University and is EIT accredited with the California Board for Professional Engineers.

Mr. Feeney is the CEO and head of the technology development at SD3D. He has racked up hundreds of thousands of 3D printing hours throughout his career and is now utilizing his experience by helping to advance the entire 3D printing industry. Visit SD3D.com now to find out more!