For the price, this may have become my favorite upgraded Ender 3 printer.  There seem to have been a decent amount of quality control issues with my unit, but I really liked it once I got it all working.

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  • BigTree Tech branded SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard.
  • Most durable BIQU SSS (Spring Steel Sheet ).
  • Dual Operation System (BigTree Tech TFT35 V3.0, marlin & touch work modes).
  • Silent TMC Driver for noiseless operation.
  • Good printing area : 235*235*270mm.
  • Type C Connect (both sides can be used, more convenient).
  • Upgrade Adapter Board included [BL Touch module interface, BigTree Tech Smart Filament Sensor interface etc.(without BL Touch and BTT SFS)]
  • Filament Runout Detection to notify about filament replacement.
  • Resume Printing to continue your lost print due to the power failure.

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