LulzBot TAZ Pro Industrial


I personally have not used this exact printer, but I have used past models by Lulzbot and they always make great products.  Unfortunately, as of late, their prices seem to be a bit higher than their competitors, but if you want a reliable machine that is easy to tweak to your likings, you can’t beat Lulzbot.

This is their top of the line printer meant for professionals.  Personally, I may choose a Raise3D for this price, but I am sure this has its benefits.

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A reinforced steel frame, dual Titan Aero hotends equipped with hardened steel nozzles, and a large 280x280x285mm print area allow you to 3D print with almost any material for engineering-grade work that before was just too taxing for most desktop 3D printers. With filament flow and runout sensors for both extruders and a 5″ color LCD touchscreen, it’s ease-of-use and feature set provide the rich user experience of a luxury 3D printer.


The LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printer is built on a foundation of the industry’s leading tech components. From the tried and true E3D Titan Aero compact hotends, to the enhanced electronics for greater processing power, engineers, designers, and manufacturers alike can print with peace of mind knowing that the TAZ Pro professional-grade 3D printer is ready to perform, and continue performing for years to come. Achieve consistent results with the TAZ Pro’s automated X,Y, and Z offset calibration, nozzle wiping, and self-leveling features. Control your LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printer efficiently with the 5″, user-friendly, color touchscreen.


The LulzBot TAZ Pro industrial-grade 3D printer exhibits an articulated dual extrusion system. Printing with multiple materials can be difficult, but the TAZ Pro’s intuitive hotend allows for clean, accurate printing. While one hotend is in use, the other lifts up, creating a clear path for the other hotend/nozzle to lay materials down smoothly. Any residue that may be left on the nozzle that isn’t in use is completely out of the way, essentially eliminating any potential color or material contamination.


The LulzBot TAZ Pro professional 3D printer arrives stock with two industry approved E3D Titan Aero hotends and hardened steel nozzles. With the ability to reach higher temperatures, the TAZ Pro 3D printer can print with a wide variety of materials. Any complex model with intricate geometries can be successfully printed on the TAZ Pro using materials like water-soluble PVA support materials, Nylons, or even advanced composites like carbon fiber-infused NylonX and glass fiber-infused NylonG. Advance your capabilities with the large-format LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printer.


The Lulzbot TAZ Pro isn’t just enhanced in what it can do, but also how it’s built. From its strengthened frame, to its extruders’ reinforced electrical connections, to its cable chain to protect its wires, this is a printer that can produce amazing work for days and just keep on going. And with a belt-driven z-axis to eliminate z-wobble and increase print speed, and an optional enclosure with HEPA capabilities, the TAZ Pro has been analyzed from every angle to make sure it’s the best TAZ yet.


Build Area: 280mm x 280mm x 285mm (11″ x 11″ x 11.2″)

Build Platform: PEI modular

Extrusion: Articulated Dual

Nozzle Material: Hardened Steel

Max Nozzle Temp: 290C

Max Bed Temp: 120C

Filament Size: 3.00mm

Filament Sensors: Dual flow sensors

Layer Resolution: 50 microns – 400 microns

Maximum Extrusion Rate: 13.82 mm^3 / second

Calculated XYZ Positional Resolution: 10, 10, <1 micron

Electronics: 32-bit Archim RAMBo

Interface: 5″ LCD Touchscreen

Connectivity: USB, Flashdrive

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