Omniadrop Dual Drive Extruder


This might be my favorite extruder, though it is pretty pricey for the build quality.  This has a lot of printed parts, but it really is an amazing extruder.

Watch my full video review here:


The OmniaDrop comes in two different versions. The standard version uses two mounting holes which are 60 mm apart. These mounting holes can be used to attach the OmniaDrop extruder to your 3D printer carriage. The second version is a Prusa edition which was developed to be a drop-in replacement for a standard Prusa i3 printer.

A third option is to use the files of the OmniaDrop extruder and adapt it to your specific carriage.

What are the components of the OmniaDrop made of?

All the printed parts are printed with PETG, except the Planet-Gears. The Planet-Gears are printed in Igus Iglidur I150 which is a tribo-filament with high abrasion resistance. All the metal parts (except the cooling block and nozzle) like screws and hobbed gears are made from stainless steel. The cooling block is made from an aluminium alloy with a high heat transfer coefficient. The sun gear on the Nema 17 stepper motor is made from brass.

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