Polymaker PolyLite PLA


I personally believe that PolyMaker is doing the most interesting things in the entire 3D printing filament market.  They really understand the material science and create materials specifically for 3D printing.  Not only is their CoPA the strongest material I have ever tested, they have re-engineered PLA to be much more mechanically strong and easier to print.

This PolyLite has Polymaker’s “Jam-Free” technology, which means it shouldn’t give you any problems with heat creep.

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    Polymaker’s uniquely engineered PolyLite family of 3D printing filament is manufactured with the best raw materials available to bring you exceptional quality you can trust every time. PolyLite 3D printing filament is robust enough to meet everyday needs throughout the design and prototyping process, while offering consistency you can be confident in. All of Polymaker’s PLA-based filaments feature Jam-Free technology, which gives the filament greater heat stability. This minimizes the softening experienced in the “cool end” of your print head, therefore yielding excellent print quality with minimal risk of nozzle jams while you’re away from your 3D printer.


    • Net Weight: 1 Kg <± 20g (Typical <+ 20g)
    • Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.05 mm
    • Printing Temp: 190 – 230 °C
    • Printing Speed: 40 – 60 mm/s
    • Heated Bed: 25 – 60 °C