How it was Done

3D Print Song set to Yakko’s World from Animaniacs

Sung by Matt Schrader – since all of my attempts were futile



Protect your cords, a skateboard, make some Batarangs

A tesseract, SD rack, and some vampire fangs.


A chess set, a bracelet, you can now fix your shelf

A baby Groot, a tiny boot, even print yourself!


Superman, hold your can, the perfect logo

Mjolnir, a pretty deer, and spin your new yo-yo.


A bone fossil, a house model, the sword of King Arthur

A scary mask, sneaky flask, and scream out “Martha”!


Plastic tripod, daredevil rods, hook for your headphones

Frankenstein switch, Quidditch snitch, hold the Iron Throne


A fast marble run, some Pikachu fun, these peaceful earrings

An Einstein bust, wrong colored bus, and even ball bearings


A clock, some blocks, a pug, a mug, that perfect phone stand

A frame, a game, a screw, a shoe, and even a prosthetic hand


A whistle, a missile, a spinner, more spinners, you can go print Rocko

Some art, throw darts, a guard, die hard, you can’t forget Yakko


A shifter, a zipper, Rick figure, a trigger, organize your tools

A trophy, a Kobe, a Moby, a Tony, and protect your jewels.


An Ethan, a demon, a cretin, some feet and, a classy belt buckle

Some lions, a Tyson, a bison, a dice and, deadly plastic knuckles


A phaser, a razor, a Vader, a Kramer, the wand of a dead headmaster

Braille, repairs, some stairs, cut hair, and maybe a Han Solo blaster


A copper, cake topper, a marker, square parker, put your keys on a hook

Cup holder, a boulder, meet Joker, toy soldier, a tank from Romania, Belieber hysteria, glove of an astronaut, just as an afterthought, but please go and buy my book!

Only parts not printed by me: prosthetic hand, zipper, cup holder, and shoe.

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