How it was Done

In today’s video we check out the OmniaDrop dual drive, 5:1 gear ratio extruder and hotend combo by DropEffect. This extruder is very interesting and I was very happy with the results.

Visit their site: https://bit.ly/2WPEkeL
Purchase (enter “3dprintgeneral” at checkout for 15% off until May 31!): https://bit.ly/3bOAQNG

Winner was already chosen and sent the extruder!

Assembly Instructions: https://bit.ly/36sUeyZ

Hemera review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8HkjhiSxpU

Other items used in video
3DX Flex (discontinued): http://bit.ly/2r5lnoa
Fiberlogy Fiberflex 30D by Wolfworks 3D: http://bit.ly/2SJR1Ua

Time Stamps:
Setup and Specs – 00:33
First PLA Tests – 3:52
Flexible Tests – 4:41
0.25mm Nozzle Flexible Test – 7:19
Pros and Cons: 8:10
Giveaway details – 11:41