Acrylic Paint Set – Set of 12 or 24 colors


Need to get some close painting done but either don’t want to use – or don’t have the correct color spray paint?  This is a great beginners set of acrylic paints that also comes in 24.

I used these exact set of paints to make this Baby Groot.  Remember that all colors will come in equal sizes so you may want to grab some extra white and black for mixing.

  • The number 1 acrylic paints for artists and beginners. Our professional-grade pigments provide the widest range of colors and blends to bring your artistic ideas to life.
  • Gone are the days of feeling disappointed with dull detail and flat colors in your art work, our artist quality pigment formulation rejuvenates your art work with the most vivid and brilliant colors.
  • ArtCompanion acrylics offers unmatched versatility. Paint with brushes, rollers or craft knives – build thick, texture layers or thin the paints with water for a faded look – visualize, practice and perfect your artistic style and technique
  • Our acrylic paints offer similar detail and vibrancy to Oils, but they’re far safer to use, easier to clean and dry much quicker. They’re also much more forgiving for beginners and easier to correct than Watercolors.
  • You’ve got an important decision to make. Rather than simply reading about making your own vibrant art work, why don’t you make it a reality? Order now and do so with full protection under our 30-DAY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE.
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Your search for the perfect paint set is finally over

When you purchase your ArtCompanion Acrylic Paint Set here’s what you should do…

When that sweet little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get.

Take out your ArtCompanion Acrylic Paint set and admire the beautiful packaging. You have in your hands the best paint set to get your artistic juices flowing.

Now get your paint brushes, pick your painting surface and begin releasing that pent up artistic frustration!

What separates our acrylic paints from the competition? It’s simple really.

We are artists and we know what artists truly want. Our team has spent years working with manufacturers and users, meticulously analyzing the best pigment and emulsifier formulations to create the finest paints. What came as a result is an acrylic paint that has excellent color properties and lightfastness, a weighted consistency that allows for layering, texturing and sculpting in thick strokes, and the safety of EN71-3 (CE) and ASTM D-4236 standards.

Imagine a soothing Sunday afternoon spent painting We are artists and we find painting therapeutic. Picture a Spring afternoon to yourself, painting the soothing Deep Blues of the ocean, against the Cerulean of the summer sky and the Sap Green tufts of grass on the horizon. You can almost feel the gentle breeze against your skin. You have the idea in your head and it’s now time to realize it!

We are so confident in the engineering and quality of our paints that we guarantee that you will be satisfied with them, and if you’re not we will give you a 100% refund.