BIQU H2 Extruder and Hotend


This light extruder and hotend combo packs a punch!  I am not sure if this, or the Hemera, is my current favorite, but this H2 continues to print great for me. Here is my review:


  • 【Large Extrusion Force】H2 direct extruder can be 7.5kg in several places, and it has a large flow rate, suitable for high-speed printing.
  • 【Good heat dissipation】Stream-type thermal structure for ultra-efficient cooling.
  • 【Light weight】The H2 direct extruder only weighs 211g and leverages dual drive gear with an internal gearing ratio of 7:1,delivering an outstanding performance with a larger torque of 770mN*M.
  • 【Printable high temperature】H2 direct extruder can print high temperature 500 degrees, can also print tpu, tpe and other flexible consumables.
  • 【Low resistance】Capricorn Teflon tube, smooth inner wall, low resistance.