Creality CR-30 PrintMill


Infinite length 3D printing!  I haven’t 100% honed in the print settings, though others have, and you can create parts previously impossible!  Made by Naomi Wu and Creality – here is my initial review:

I also created a sword with this printer:



After an incredibly successful campaign on Kickstarter the Creality CR-30 Belt Printer enters the next chapter of bringing 3D belt printing to the masses. We have stock on the way as we speak and you can reserve your spot in line to grab one as soon as they land! Order now and we’ll ship to you as soon as new stock arrives. (ETA June)

Repkord is building North America’s first belt printing farm (that we know of)  to showcase the true manufacturing potential of this amazing tool and you can help support our development by buying your very own production workhorse directly from us. We are proud to announce that we are now an official Creality CR-30 reseller and already have extensive experience fabricating with this amazing machine.

As an added bonus all CR-30 orders from will receive our free essential Captubes XS hotend upgrade so you can confidently extrude materials above the stock 240c limit.

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