Cut Resistant Gloves


These are some cut resistant gloves so you can clean up your prints with a razor and not worry.


  • CUT RESISTANT——The cut resistant shell is made of high performance cut resistant material HDPE, awarded with the highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance certification. The fiber construction makes the gloves 5 times stronger than regular leather. 
  • SUPERIOR GRIP——Our latex crinkle coating is what makes our gloves work the way they do. The grip latex coating Provides anti-slip or sure control when grabbing garden & yard tools or touch sensitivity handling plants & flowers; Perfect multi-purpose work gloves. The durable black latex coating provides optimal safety but are also Excellent durability.
  • MULTIPROTECTION——The cut resistant shell with premium latex rubber coating provides excellent grasp on tools or objects. Thus the gloves meet highest level resistance to cut puncture tear abrasion to ensure complete protection for your hands.
  • DURABLE and Comfortable for chopping vegetables, filleting fish, food processing or Canning in the kitchen, Handling sharp objects in the workshop, such as glass, metal, plastics, wiring, HVAC installation, automotive restoration work and other applications requiring ultimate protection. Water resistant for cleaning automotive, windows, sharp objects, protect yourself in the kitchen, indoor and outdoors.
  • These make a wonderful gift for husband, boyfriend, friends, family, and co-workers – anyone who enjoys excellent comfort and outstanding protection. In size 7.5, best for 70% Small and 30% Medium hands.