E3D Nozzle X


The nozzle I currently use – Nozzle X.  This seems to be a real all-around nozzle since it can be high temp, is abrasion resistant, and has a coating to keep the nozzle clean.

The E3D Nozzle X is the one nozzle to rule them all! From the inside out, this nozzle is designed and manufactured to excel with any material. Machined from super strong 68HRC Tool Steel and then covered with a 73HRC Nickel Plating, Nozzle X is the best of every world. From basics like PLA and PETG to high temperature abrasives like Carbon Fiber PEEK, NozzleX is ready for anything you want to print.


For every 3D printing job, the new Nozzle X from E3D gives you endless versatility and excellent results. With sizes for traditional 3D printing applications, as well as the Volcano configuration to give you excellent high-volume 3D printing capabilities, Nozzle X can carry heat loads of up to 450°C, and can withstand printing with abrasive filament of any kind. The carefully tuned internal geometry allows for consistent filament flow without going outside design tolerances – which means Nozzle X fits where any other E3D nozzle would – no major modifications needed. The new ‘polyphobic’ coating on Nozzle X helps optimize your filament flow, giving you smoother 3D prints from top to bottom. The best thing about Nozzle X? This workhorse nozzle won’t break the bank if it breaks down – E3D is so confident in Nozzle X, if you manage to wear it out, they will replace it free of charge.

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