Slice Mosquito Nozzles


I actually do not own a Mosquito, but I know they are popular.  Here are their option of nozzles, ranging from 0.2mm – 0.8mm

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The next great thing from Slice Engineering is here, and ready to be installed on your Mosquito Hotend. The Mosquito Vanadium Nozzle is forged from a high speed steel and vanadium alloy, allowing you to print abrasives–such as NylonX, NylonG, metallic fills, or Glow in the Dark PLA–with no concern about wear on your nozzle. This Vanadium Nozzle is also coated in plastic-repellent tungsten disulfide which reduces clogs, and allows for easy cleaning.



Vanadium may sound like an exotic metal from a comic book, and although it is as powerful as a superhero, it is very real and available for use on your 3D printer right now! When used as part of an alloy, vanadium significantly strengthens steel, which means you can use this same nozzle for hundreds of print hours. The alloy used in this nozzle is hardened and tempered to 64 Rockwell C. Put on on your Mosquito Hotend or Mosquito Magnum Hotend for the complete Slice Engineering setup!