AMX3d 3 Piece Print Removal Tool Kit


I use this and quite a few of the parts for myself.  The middle scraper is my favorite to use.

The AMX3d 3D Print Removal System solves all your 3D Print Removal problems with one comprehensive set of 3 tools designed specifically for 3D printing. Whether you print on a heated glass bed, aluminum or other metal bed; whether you prefer hairspray, glue or tape, whether you are removing large prints or small, intricateand/or delicate prints, this set of 3 tools makes the job easy – without damaging the print or the print bed.

The problem with other 3D print removal tools is that they are either strong enough to lift a heavy print but too thick to slide under without nicking or marring the print edge or thin enough to slide under a print but bend and flex easily – often destroying the tool without removing the print.

Our 3 tool 3D Print Removal System solves these problems once and for all. With these tools, you’ll never pry the print off the print bed, instead, they are designed to work together to slide under even the largest prints and gently separate the print from the print bed… without damaging the print or the tools!

The High Quality finished wood handles each have 2 strong pins holding the blade to the handle (vs. most that don’t have pins at all so their handles pull off in the middle of the job). Put simply, the tools work and they last!