Aqua Net Hair Spray (for Bed Adhesion)


This is the go to hair spray for bed adhesion on glass printer beds.  I personally only use Aqua Net and have re-ordered this a dozen times.  Most of the descriptions below are regarding using it for your hair – but a light coat applied to a glass bed will greatly improve your bed adhesion without reducing the quality of the underside of your prints.

  • Quality you can trust from Lorna Mead
  • Great Value!
  • Extra Super Hold


A superior hairstyle demands higher holding power and control. Aqua Net Extra Super Hold Unscented Aerosol Hair Spray has been specially formulated for you. Get going with that exotic hairstyle that you have always wanted. Shape and define your hair as you wish with a great performance hold with this hair spray.

  • All day long lasting control
  • Doesn’t make hair stiff or sticky
  • Non-flaking