Solder Seal Connector DX Engineering


These are a bit more expensive than the other solder seal connectors, but were recommended to me by Timothy of TH3D, since they should have a higher temp solder.  You will need to buy the correct gauge for the wire you are replacing, since this isn’t a mixed pack like the other solder seal connectors I list on this site.

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DX Engineering Heat Shrink Self-Solder Wire Splice Connectors provide an easy way to make permanent, waterproof electrical wire connections. Also known as butt-splice connectors, they come in four color-coded sizes to cover wire sizes from 10 to 26 AWG (6.0 sq. mm to 0.2 sq. mm), available in 10, 25 and 50 count packs of each size, and in variety packs of all sizes in 6, 10 and 20 count of each size. Also including internal flux, these connectors let you quickly, easily and securely solder and weather seal insulated wire splices with no more than a heat gun! No crimping tool required. Make permanent splices with DX Engineering Heat Shrink Self-Solder Wire Splice Connectors. Innovative wiring solutions are available from DX Engineering. Order your packages today.