AMX3d 40 Piece Accessory Set


I use this and quite a few of the parts for myself.  The middle scraper is my favorite to use.

  • If you have a 3D Printer or are thinking of buying one – these are the tools you need to make your prints look like those on the 3D Printer Box.
  • 40 Essential tools from 3 of our most popular 3D printing tool kits for all 3D Printing Professionals, Hobbyists, Schools and Libraries with 3D printers and Makers
  • Everything needed to print, maintain and clean up 3D Models in one convenient kit
  • This kit has everything to make 3D printing easy and the printed results spectacular.
  • The best 3D Prints start with the best tools!


  • Every company has a story. Ours started when we purchased a 3D printer for a specific project. After getting it up and running, we realized that 3D printers didn’t actually print what they show on the boxes or in the ads. How disappointing! There was a lot of finishing work that needed to be done to clean and finish 3D prints and few tools designed for the new technology.We channeled what we had learned, talked to a lot (really a lot!) of fellow 3D printers, observed them print, pry, file their models. Then we took what we learned, selected the best what was already available, designed what wasn’t and put together this 3D Printer Tool Kit specifically targeted to the new 3D printing buff. Our Goal: To make sure no one who gets a 3D printer will be disappointed like we were they will be ready to ‘Print like a Pro’.