3D Printing Failures-2022 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair All 3D Printing Issues (Kindle eBook)


My NEW 2022 edition of my detailed book is finally here!  If you purchase, you can also email me with any issues that you may experience and have difficulty diagnosing!

Whether you are new to 3D printing, or you have dozens of successful prints under your belt, this book is going to help you!

Sean Aranda has years of successful 3d printing hours, so let him help you achieve consistent clean prints.


Sean Aranda began his 3D printing explorations by becoming the Operations Manager for SD3D in early 2015.  Along with adding innovations to the 3D printing industry, SD3D is a production service provider for everyone from inventors to large businesses.  With over a dozen FDM machines and a few hundred clients, Sean was able to gain quick, on-the-job learning.

Sean gained extensive experience with material variations and profile settings required for a successful print, since SD3D offered over 16 different types of FDM 3D printing materials while employed there.

While he had a very basic background before starting at SD3D, Sean’s knowledge of printing failures grew rapidly as he helped clients get a usable 3D print within the promised timeframe.   Whenever a printer failed or had a malfunction, Sean was in charge of all maintenance and repairs.  He figured that he might be the perfect vessel to explain these issues and repairs in an easy to understand fashion.

Sean’s three previous editions of this book, and his A-Z 3D Printing Handbook, have sold tens of thousands of copies, helping the community to achieve consistent, successful prints.  This new 2022 edition has been entirely re-written to be updated for modern day 3D printing.

Since releasing the first edition of this book, Sean has been growing a 3D printing YouTube channel titled “The 3D Print General” where he goes over fun prints, in-depth tutorials, and printer reviews.  In these four years of videos he has had machines printing for tens of thousands of hours to help show fun prints and tutorials and has gained over 60,000 subscribers.  These videos are meant to fill in the gaps from this book and to show first hand examples of how you can fix your 3D printing failures.  Many of the topics covered in this book have been covered on this YouTube channel in a 10 minute video.  He has also gotten into 3D printed firearms as of late, so he also has quite a few videos testing out different builds by giving them a real strength test.

A lot of the material in this book comes from trial-and-error over the course of two years of full time manufacturing across dozens of machines and countless hours for his YouTube channel in the four years since, as well as any updates in the field.  It also includes any issues that readers of those first three books have contacted him about, but were not included in those editions.

He is open to anyone who purchases this book to send him an email at Sean@3DPrintGeneral.com with proof of purchase to receive digital copies with HD photos, and to ask any questions you may have that were not covered in this book.   He may take a few business days to reply, but he will do his best to help.  Your issue may be featured in the next edition!